donderdag 19 januari 2012


Hallo allemaal

Deze LO is mijn bijdrage voor de 2e case van  CSI (color,stories,inspiration) het is een wekelijks challenge. 

Hello Everyone.

There is a new site called CSI (Collor, Stories,Inspiration) There is a weekly challenges (Case File) that consists The Scene (a photo)  The scheme (color scheme inspired by the photo) The Evidence (embellishments) and The Testimony (journaling) Each month the photos are Inspired by different themes. this month it is Alice in Wonderland.

Greetings Tina

This was the case file # 2 for this week

And this is my take on it.

My Testimony : Is that mij litle cousin Yuri was having fun during spring cleaning. We cleared out our living room to paint the walls and to redecorate the room. Yuri was having the time of his life, rolling around and hiding underneath the carpets. It takes the little things in life to make childeren happy and to see them happy make us Happy.
My Evidence : flowers swirls stamps chipboard charms mask knot.

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